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We know what you’re going through.

Fighting your way through diets only to find yourself gaining weight or quickly jumping back to your old habits.

At Total Shape our goal is to conquer your everyday micro-battles about your health (read: mindless snacking on junk food) by helping you figure out why it’s so easy to binge on unhealthy food and teaching how to choose healthier options.

Total Shape also teaches you how to get in better shape by NOT killing yourself during workout and spending LESS time in the gym (sounds counterintuitive, we know).

Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to feel like a struggle.

And with the right resource and guidance, it should eventually become a part of your lifestyle.

By sticking around, you’ll discover:

  • Which supplements you should be taking and which ones are all marketing hype;
  • Which foods are best for your body that would stoke your body’s natural systems;
  • How to quickly and easily prepare healthy meals without wasting away in the kitchen;
  • Which cheat foods are actually good for you (say bye-bye to cravings!)

If you find yourself having problems with your diet, your workout routine, your supplement stack, or figuring out how to work with what your body naturally wants from you, Total Shape is the right place.

You can put our years of experience to use to help achieve your perfect body, restore your energy levels, shed that excess weight, and hit your health goals.

Stick around, read through our blog posts, and subscribe to our newsletter.

Our team of experts continues to tap into up to date supplement reviews, professional health advice, and workout and diet tips to help you be fit, healthy, and happy.

Feel free to contact us anytime or through our social media:

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For inquiries concerning our content, information, technical issues, etc please contact us at feedback@totalshape.com.

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The Total Shape Executive Team

Isaac Robertson

Co-Founder and Editor

With over 8 years of personal training under his belt, Isaac has served as a health and fitness coach for hundreds of clients of different backgrounds, races, shapes, and sizes -- from doctors to lawyers, stay at home moms, and celebrities.


When it comes to fitness, he focuses on simplicity -- creating a custom plan that fits your lifestyle. He won’t force you to eat chicken breast and broccoli everyday or drag you to the gym six times a week if you hate it.

He crafts personalized workout and diet plans that would be enjoyable and easy to throw into your daily routine until they become a part of your lifestyle.

Email Isaac: isaac@totalshape.com

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Michael Garrico


Michael is a personal fitness trainer and nutritionist who has helped hundreds of people shed excess weight and get into shape through proper training and healthy eating habits.

Michael Garrico

He trains hard 5-7 days a week, plays basketball for leisure and exercise, and spends time in his kitchen meal prepping. He is also a basketball coach at a local school in Miami, helping mold the next generation.

Email Michael: michael@totalshape.com

Total Shape Coaches

Tyler Sellers

Senior Coach

Tyler Sellers is a trained athlete who utilizes scientific methods such as progressive overload and macro calculations to power through his workouts. 

Tyler Sellers profile photo

He also effectively incorporates mental techniques like flow state and mind-muscle connection as part of one’s physical health. He came to really master these as he understood his body, mentality, and drive over the years as an athlete and leader in the fitness industry.

His ideology revolves around helping go-getters take a bold approach towards the things they want most in life with health and wellness at the core.

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Email Tyler: tyler@totalshape.com

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Connor Sellers

Senior Coach

Connor Sellers is a personal trainer with the mission to inspire people to relentlessly pursue their fitness and lifestyle goals. He believes staying fit has an overall positive effect on one’s body, mind, and spirit.

Connor Sellers

His main influence in physical fitness is his older brother, Tyler, who consistently pushed his limits in school, sports, and the gym. Connor became adept with a unique blend of hypertrophy, mobility, and conditioning training paired with well-balanced nutrition, which helped him coach his clients to reach their fitness objectives.

>> Get private coaching from me <<

Email Connor: connor@totalshape.com

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Tracy Thompson 

Senior Coach

It was 2015 when Tracy decided she wanted to turn her life around -- weighing 155 lbs at 5’6” tall opened her eyes up that this was not her ideal self.

Tracy Profile Picture

She started training at the gym to lose the excess pounds, and as she realized how essential health is, she became a fitness coach herself years after. Her mission is to help women achieve their best life through healthy living.

Email Tracy: tracy@totalshape.com

Our Medical Review Team

Our medical team safeguards the integrity and accuracy of the information presented through the Total Shape website. As experts in their respective fields, they and their network of medical professionals provide medical advice and guidance that back up Total Shape’s content and product recommendations.

Dr. Jordan Smith

Medical Doctor

Dr. Smith earned his degree in Biology from the University of Florida, then went on to Florida Atlantic University for his medical degree. 

After finishing his internal medicine internship at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, he moved to New York City to complete his residency in anesthesiology.

He focuses on preventative medicine and is planning to venture into acute and chronic pain management through various multi-modal interventions. He is currently affiliated with Vitality Sciences, an anti-aging clinic in Palm Beach that uses bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.


Donald Christman

Medical Student and

Professional Journalist

Donald Christman is a dedicated journalist and a medical student who has written several articles and essays exposing the falseness and hollowness of online resources in the medical science niche.

Donald Christman

His passion for content management, writing, and marketing made him realize that the greatest battles are not done in the four corners of a ward but on the world wide web, where health and fitness guru wannabes and malicious practitioners are on the rise.

With this, he aims to help businesses thrive by committing to deliver reliable and relevant information to all our readers.

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Our Marketing Team

Ashton Murray

Public Relations

Ashton believes that limits are self-imposed, and he loves to help people defeat their worst critic and enemy -- themselves.

Ashton Murray

He’s been in the fitness and industry for over six years, and his training focuses on good form and good food.

Email Ashton: ashton@totalshape.com

Liam Johnson

Marketing Director

As a scrawny kid, hitting the gym was the last thing in Liam’s mind growing up. But that changed when he swallowed his pride and took his first gym session over a decade ago.

Liam Johnson

He became a personal trainer to change lives the way his passion for food and fitness changed his.

Email Liam: liam@totalshape.com

Natasha Spencer

Social Media Manager

Natasha is a social media guru, spending most of her day posting on Facebook or responding to DMs on Instagram.

Natasha Spencer

She does a lot of rowing, spinning, HIIT, and dancing for fitness, and aims to help other people get moving and grooving for their health as she does.

Email Natasha: natasha@totalshape.com

Lianne Sanders

Content Editor

Ashley has a decade of experience in the fitness industry which gave her an in-depth perspective of what clients are looking for to stay in a gym/fitness facility.


She is also a licensed Yoga instructor and a passionate advocate of low-carb diet on her social media platforms.

Email Lianne: lianne@totalshape.com


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