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I’m a big fan of the keto diet and have seen some impressive results with several clients. But, it’s one of those diets where you cannot just grab random performance supplement products off the shelf.

You simply cannot afford to mess up your ketosis.

Through some extensive product research and testing, we can now make pre-workout on keto a lot easier decision.

Let’s find out what the best keto pre-workouts on the market offer.

Our Top Keto-Friendly Pre-Workouts

1 - Onnit Shroom Tech Sport (Editor's Choice)

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Product

Onnit Shroom is one of the most natural pre-workout supplement options we could find.

Based on herbs and mushrooms, it claims to boost performance while also providing important vitamins, which is why many people consider it the best for keto.

  • Suitable for daily use to improve general energy
  • Claims to boost your performance at the gym with natural ingredients
  • Contains a strong dose of vitamin B12
  • Comes in easy to store capsules rather than a powder drink
  • You need to take 4 capsules at least 45 minutes before training

Just keep in mind that this nutrition product comes in 4 capsules per dose, rather than a drink.

2 - Cellucor C4 Original Pre-Workout Supplement

Cellucor C4 Original Pre-Workout Supplement Product

If you’re looking for some increased blood flow for better pumps, then C4 seems to be a favorite with bodybuilders. It also has some added vitamins that may help with muscle recovery and repair.

The brand has a line of different health supplements that are considered to be some of the best in the market. Their claims and the online reviews back this up well.

  • Has zero carbs or calories to mess with your ketosis
  • A good dose of vitamins C and B12 for muscle performance
  • A moderate amount of caffeine may support mental clarity
  • Available in some tasty and refreshing flavors
  • Could be higher in creatine

While it does contain creatine, you may want to take an extra scoop of powder for a better dose.

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3 - BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement

BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement

BPI doesn’t just claim to boost energy levels during your workout, but it also could be an option to increase your ketosis.

This could be a benefit, especially during the initial phase of the dreaded keto flu.

Just keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to take this later in the day due to a strong caffeine dose.

  • Claims to help increase your levels of ketosis
  • Many reports about better focus and motivation
  • Zero calories from carbs and only 40 from fat
  • Nice flavors with blue lemon ice being very popular
  • Avoid taking later in the day due to a strong dose of caffeine

It’s best taken in the morning for that extra energy.

4 - Sheer Strength Pre-Workout Supplement

Sheer Strength Pre-Workout Supplement

The name does suggest that it’s aim is to boost energy, and I did find many positive comments online.

Of all the supplements we tried, this seemed to be one of the fastest working ones.

The only downside is that it’s not available in a large range of flavors.

  • Contains BHB salt to help raise ketone levels
  • Positive comments that it may work for weight loss
  • May start working in as little as 20 minutes
  • A moderate amount of caffeine for lower chances of jitters
  • Some more flavor options would be great

5 - Kinobody Octane Pre-Workout

Kinobody Octane Pre-Workout

Kinobody was a new one for me, and with no calories from carbs, it’s an obvious favorite for keto dieters.

Aside from the added energy it claims to provide, you might also notice some added fat burning effects from the caffeine, which may be best if you’re looking to lose some weight with your workout routine.

Check out our Kinobody training program review.

  • Zero-calorie option to not mess up any part of your diet efforts
  • Added L-theanine may help with focus and mental performance
  • Contains natural caffeine to reduce jitters and crashes
  • Nice selection of fruity flavors
  • A larger tub and bulk discounts would be nice

While it does seem to work well, I couldn’t find bulk order options to save some money.

Common Keto-Friendly Ingredients

Common Keto-Friendly Ingredients

There are plenty of pre-workout supplements that are heavily reliant on things other than amino acids. In many cases, the powder is full of carbs, which makes them less than suitable for anyone on the ketogenic lifestyle diet.

But what might actually work for you?

Here are a few things to look out for.

1 - Caffeine

Yes, caffeine may be an ideal ingredient as it could provide you with mental focus, motivation, and some fat burning effects, especially when coupled with an effective workout in the gym [1]. Just make sure you avoid those options that have a strong enough dose to keep you awake all night.

2 - L-Theanine

There have been several interesting studies that revealed that the effects of caffeine could be improved with theanine [2].

It tends to make you less jittery while still giving you a mental boost.

Even if you’re not on keto, this ingredient is the one to look for when you don’t like excessive caffeine stimulation.

3 - Creatine

One very extensive study has revealed that strength and endurance may improve during resistance training through creatine supplementation [3]. I would go as far as saying that it’s possibly one of the most suitable and keto-friendly pre-workout ingredients.

Research has shown that supplementing with creatine can increase muscle mass and improve strength when a person combines it with strength training.
Miho Hatanaka, Registered Dietitian

4 - BHB Salts

My dietitian pointed me towards some interesting articles, and she mentioned that she recommends BHB salts to clients starting out on Keto. However, it may also help with better exercise performance in the gym [4].

5 - Vitamins C and B12

While vitamins may not play a direct role in strength and endurance, there is plenty of evidence that they help maintain muscle mass as well as exercise recovery [5]. It’s certainly not something to be ignored especially during an intense workout.

Let me guess what your next question is.

Benefits Of A Keto-friendly Pre-Workouts

The benefits of a keto-friendly pre-workout go beyond energy, endurance, and a boost in muscle or workout performance. See, the above ingredients are also commonly associated with the ability to burn fat to release more ketones.

This is especially interesting to anyone trying to lose weight or gain more muscle definition through a cutting phase.

But there is also the aspect of improved blood flow, which has several effects. First of all, it will deliver more oxygen and ketones throughout your body, which helps with strength levels. But it could also get you those improved pumps, which helps to show off all your hard work.

Here's a great video on a DIY keto pre-workout drink:


Potential Side Effects


Keto pre-workouts only rarely have side effects, and in most cases, it may come down to allergies or people taking too much of a product in one go.

While they are generally suitable for taking over longer periods of time, you should avoid taking huge doses. The reason is that some of the ingredients, including certain types of protein, may be more difficult to digest.

Even though you may be used to higher doses on the ketogenic diet, you could still be facing some stomach upset.

Also, keep an eye on your caffeine intake to avoid jitters and insomnia.

Pre-Workout Tips

There are 3 things that I always preach to my clients, and they are based on the great advice I received from dietitians over the years.

1 - Getting The Timing Right

You want to ensure that you get your timing right so that you get the best results. Start by taking the product 30 minutes before exercise, and if you start feeling the effects before you begin your workout, then simply adjust the time next time around.

2 - Take The Right Dose, Not The Maximum One

Too many folks I’ve worked with saw some great results within a few trial routines only to think that taking larger doses helps even more. The problem is that there will be a plateau where you won’t perform better, and this approach might actually make you sick.

3 - Stack With Other Supplements

Don’t stop with a pre-workout supplement. You could be much better off also investing in some products with keto-friendly fat burning ingredients. This may help boost your levels of ketones, and at the same time, might get you to weight loss goals faster.

Read here for our recommended keto-friendly protein powders that you can take with your pre-workout.



Is it safe to use Keto pre-workout supplements?

Yes, it is safe to use Keto pre-workout supplements, and in many cases, it could actually support your ketosis. Especially in the early days of Keto, some of these supplements might provide metabolic support and ketones to overcome the keto flu.

How long does Keto pre-workout last?

Keto pre-workout products usually last for up to 4 hours. This will depend on your body’s ability to digest the ingredients as well as how tough your exercise routine is.

Does Keto pre-workout make you gain weight?

No, Keto pre-workout doesn’t make you gain weight, as it will not contain enough calories from carbs and sugar. It’s far more likely to help remove some stubborn love handles.

Does Keto pre-workout build muscle?

Yes, Keto pre-workout may support building muscles as it often contains ingredients that boost performance. It may also have the necessary substances to support actual protein synthesis in muscles.

From all the testing our team has done, and after reading through literally thousands of reviews, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best pre-workout for keto dieters is Onnit Shroom.

Between the natural ingredients, and basically no side effects, all of our clients showed positive results.

Definitely order a tub ready for your next workout session, and make sure you let us know on social media what your before and after experience was.

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Product

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport

Our #1 Keto Pre-Workout Supplement

  • Suitable for daily use to improve general energy
  • Claims to boost your performance at the gym with natural ingredients
  • Contains a strong dose of vitamin B12
  • Comes in easy to store capsules rather than a powder drink
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