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A major priority of the fitness plans I put together for my clients is reducing fat and BMI, and Performance Lab Fat Burner is a product that is frequently recommended to and by me for exactly this purpose.

Fat burners, when coupled with a careful diet plan, regular exercise, and even some intermittent fasting, can really speed up the process of achieving your goals and Performance Lab Fat Burner is considered by many to be the best on the market.

In this Performance Lab fat burner review, we’re going to look at if it works, the ingredients and science behind it, and how/if you should take it yourself.

How Does Performance Lab Work?

performance lab

Generally speaking, fat breakdown and weight loss will only happen if your energy expenditure is higher than your energy intake on a consistent basis. That means that your exercise and training, and normal body functions need to use up more calories than you take in through food.

The metabolic functions that target fat storage are called thermogenesis and lipolysis, and we’ll take a look at how Performance Lab fat burner works with these now.

So, I’ve given you the really short version of how your body stores and removes fat.


The good news is that there is more than diet and exercise training that can help you lose some fat, and I want to focus on what the Performance Lab sport fat burner is designed to do.

To do this, I first had a lengthy conversation with my dietitian, and we went through all the ingredients (more about these in the next section) to figure out what kind of benefits it might deliver.

1. Thermogenesis

Opti-Nutra is a UK based company, and they claim to have created a stimulant-free thermogenic supplement. While caffeine is known for its fat burning ability, other ingredients like black pepper and forskolin provide similar benefits.

Essentially, this process involves slightly raising your body temperature resulting in more calories burned, which can lead to fat loss (1).

Check this video out to know more about thermogenesis.


2. Lipolysis

Lipolysis is generally triggered through fasting and exercise. When your dietary energy doesn’t support all your energy needs for physical activity, then your metabolism will first target glycogen, and then fat (2).

This fat burner from Performence Lab claims to have made a formula that increases certain hormone levels that trigger this fat burning process more effectively.

What Are Ingredients of Performance Lab?

1. HMB

This abbreviation stands for ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate, and you really only need to remember it as HMB. This is the headline ingredient, and the claim is that it can trigger the same processes as fasting would (3).

The problem with fasting is that it can also reduce muscle mass. One study from 2017 confirmed that HMB is a metabolite through tests conducted on athletes.

HMB is a naturally occurring byproduct of leucine breakdown. It behaves similarly to leucine in the body; both independently increase muscle protein synthesis and inhibit muscle protein breakdown, though leucine is better at causing protein synthesis, and HMB is better at inhibiting protein breakdown and also mitigating muscle damage in response to training.

- Greg Nuckols, Exercise and Sports Scientist

2. Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus Forskohlii

The coleus forskohlii root extract has been added with the claim that it triggers thermogenesis and helps to regulate metabolic hormones (4).

One study I found was conducted in 2015, and the results showed that when combined with a calorie deficit, coleus forskohlii can be helpful to regulate metabolic rates.

It may not be the most effective solution for muscle gain, but all indications point to it being safe and helpful for fat reduction, making it a common ingredient in most fat burners.

3. Cayenne Pepper Extract

Cayenne Pepper Extract

Now, before you think that cayenne pepper will burn away your taste buds and cause all sorts of stomach upset, this extract will do no such thing (5).

Cayenne pepper extract has long been known to work well as a fat burner, but a recent detailed study was able to draw a scientific link with its ability to burn fat.

And unlike caffeine, cayenne pepper will not have the stimulating effect, which can be a problem later in the day, causing sleep issues. I hear this concern a lot in many fat burners.

4. Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract

Similar to cayenne, black pepper is known to stimulate thermogenesis, but it has a little bonus attached to it. One study has shown that black pepper extract can inhibit a process that leads to excess energy being stored as fat (6).

Combined with all the other ingredients, this means you’ll be more likely to lose weight and keep it off at the same time.

Based on the scientific research my dietitian provided me with, there is very good evidence of Performance Lab being a good solution when combined with a diet and training regime that increases energy expenditure.

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Performance Lab Side Effects

performance lab

The good news is that all the ingredients are generally classified as safe to take. Unless you have a known allergy, there shouldn’t be any reason for concern and potential side effects.

What I always suggest with any new type of supplements, is that you aim to take it with food.

This will reduce the risk of any stomach upset, which is one of the common side effects of any fat burner.

Based on reading hundreds of reviews, my clients’ experience, and my own test results, I have to say that there's one side effect that bothered me, which was also backed by online reviews and feedback I got.

It messed up with my bowel movement and caused an upset stomach. This experience was evident during the first few days of trying it out.

If you're considering Performance Lab, I suggest taking it at a lower dose for a few days and just avoid taking it while first whilst fasting.

When Should You Take Performance Lab?

Mascular Man

For maximum benefits, it is recommended that you take 2 capsules about 15 minutes before you start training.

This allows your stomach to absorb the active ingredients and for them to start kicking into action.

The idea behind combining it with a training session is that your body will trigger normal fat-burning processes through physical activity, And Performance Lab will give those actions that little bit of an extra boost.

Also, keep in mind that if you have been in a bulking phase for training, that your diet shouldn’t be a source of increased calories when taking fat burners.

Tune it down a bit and start measuring your fat reserves.

How To Get The Best Results

healthly lifestyle

Now, it goes without saying that you need to have a healthy diet that supplies all the nutrients your body needs. Whether that’s paleo, keto, vegan, or any other diet that takes your fancy, it’s important that you eat well.

But there are a couple of other things that you can do to boost the effects of Performance Lab Fat Burner.

1. Extended Fasting

Fasting is a great way to kick your metabolism into fat-burning mode. The lower your supply of blood glucose is, the more your body will aim to get some energy from fat reserves. When you combine this with some moderate-to-high intensity cardio training after fasting, then you can really see some significant results.

2. Get Enough Rest

I always ask my clients to track their sleep using a sleep monitoring app. Whether you’re in a cutting phase as a bodybuilder, or just want to lose some love handles, your body needs to rest and recover after training.

This is also a time for your metabolism to assess the energy supply, and any kind of sleep interruptions can cause problems for your weight management.

3. Stack With A Pre-Workout

The Performance Lab range also offers a very popular and effective pre-workout supplement. Ingredients of the two products are not overlapping, so you can really achieve a boost in the effectiveness of your training.

You’ll be able to work harder and for a longer period of time, knowing that you’re also maximizing your fat metabolism.

Here are some other popularfat burner supplements on the market:

Where To Buy Performance Lab

I always recommend going directly to the source and order from the company’s website. While Amazon has got plenty of offers, you won’t get a better bulk offer than directly from Opti-Nutra.

It’s also the only way you can really guarantee you’ll receive the real product. There are so many counterfeit products out there, and when it comes to something that you put in your body, there’s no way you should take any risks.


performance lab fat burner review

Does Performance Lab fat burner work?

Yes, Performance Lab fat burner works, and based on my own experience and client feedback, it has proven to be very effective. With only natural ingredients and no dodgy chemical crap, it’s also a perfectly safe option.

Do you have to train fasted for Performance Lab Fat Burner to work?

You don’t have to train fasted for Performance Lab Fat Burner to work, but it is recommended and will help you achieve your goals much quicker. You have to work out what works best for you and what you can manage.

Can you take Performance Lab Fat Burner without exercising?

You can take Performance Lab Fat Burner without an exercise routine planned but you won’t see the same weight loss potential if any at all. This product is designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan and not using it as intended is not advised.

Is it okay to take Performance Lab Fat Burner with caffeine?

Yes, you can take Performance Lab Fat Burner alongside your regular caffeine fix. It's a caffeine-free fat burner so you don’t need to worry about jitters and caffeine is a natural energy booster, appetite suppressant, and fat burner. So the two actually complement each other.

Is it vegan friendly?

Yes, Performance Lab Fat Burner is vegan friendly. You can also see this post for more vegan options.

Is Performance Lab Worth Buying?

Based on all the research I’ve done, along with many hours of reading online review comments and some personal experience, I have to say that Performance Lab Fat Burner is a decent product.

However, I'm on the fence as it did cause a few digestive issues when I tried it out. One fat burner that by far, hasn't disappointed me nor cause any adverse reactions is PhenQ.

With PhenQ, I have achieved faster results in my own cutting phases, and clients with weight issues have surprised me by how faster they have been able to achieve their weight goals.

As long as you use the PhenQ fat burner alongside a healthy diet, some intermittent fasting, and continue to push it in the gym, this product can work in conjunction with your body to shed excess weight.

There is no miracle pill and it still takes hard work, but with PhenQ, you’ll get there quicker without the side effects.



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