PhenQ Review (2024) Legit Fat Burner Or Diet Pill Scam?

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
Published by Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer
Last updated: July 17, 2024
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As a health and fitness coach, I've tested many weight loss products. Recently, I came across PhenQ, a supplement praised by some of my clients for its weight loss and appetite control effects.

I explored numerous PhenQ reviews online, consulted my dietitian about its ingredients, and personally tested the product to see if it's effective.

What sets PhenQ apart from other dietary supplements?

Read on and find out if it's the right supplement for your weight loss goals.


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Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Both men and women
  • Those needing energy boost

Who is it not for?

  • Individuals seeking a non-stimulant option

Final Verdict

PhenQ is a well-rounded supplement for comprehensive fat loss. It is especially effective due to its multiple action approach to fat burning.

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What Is PhenQ?

Product image for PhenQ

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that also works as a stored-fat burner. The product may help boost certain metabolic processes in your body using all-natural ingredients that trigger fat loss.

Based on the advertising material I reviewed and their official website, the company, Wolfson Berg Limited, claims that they've created one product that does the work of five different weight loss pills.

That’s quite a statement, and I will dissect it in this PhenQ review, but let me first list out the five areas it claims to target:

  1. Reduce stored body fat for energy
  2. Appetite suppression
  3. Stop your body from producing more stored fat
  4. Increase physical energy levels
  5. Boost mental focus and motivation

Watch the video below for a breakdown of this list:


Our #1 Recommendation

PhenQ CTA supplement product


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What Active Ingredients Does PhenQ Contain?

Supplement Facts of PhenQ

PhenQ contains five active ingredients: capsicum blend, chromium picolinate, caffeine, nopal, and L-carnitine.

Let's get into each ingredient and their fat-burning properties.

1. α-Lacys Reset®

This is a unique blend of alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine base, and magnesium. And based on our testing results and research, this could be the most important ingredient.

The combination seems to work very well for making your metabolism more active throughout the day, and it can also help with hunger cravings.

Ingredients in this blend include L-cysteine. According to the International Journal of Obesity, this ingredient may reduce appetite and levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone [1].

After using it for about two weeks, our testers all mentioned that they were able to manage longer fasting times better.

And based on my observation, the included magnesium seemed to help them with better muscle performance and recovery after tough workout sessions.

2. Capsicum Blend

PhenQ contains a blend of capsicum extract and piperine (from black pepper).

But before you get worried about taking something that sounds spicy, let me assure you that there's no such effect from the capsules.

A study posted in the National Library of Medicine has linked this Capsimax powder from pepper extracts to thermogenic processes, which essentially increase your core body temperature by effectively burning fat cells and shedding more calories [2].

And after putting it to the test for a couple of months, we can definitely confirm that it helps with burning off extra calories.

The PhenQ ingredients list has 50 mg of the capsicum extract blend, which seems just about right for optimum thermogenesis, making losing weight and burning fat more effective.

Based on the reviews I’ve read, many users have lost a massive amount of weight within just one to two months of using the PhenQ supplement without major changes in their diet and exercise routine — something I attribute to the capsicum blend.

3. Chromium Picolinate

Taking pills with Chromium Picolinate skeletal formula overlay

I was glad to see chromium picolinate in this formula because it’s one of the most bioavailable forms of chromium.

Chromium picolinate is an essential mineral and is directly linked to how your body maintains a balanced blood sugar level [3].

Based on our firsthand experience and test results, the chromium picolinate is most likely the reason why our testers were able to avoid those notorious binges they struggled with [4].

4. Caffeine

Close up image of caffeinated beverage

In PhenQ, caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. As a result, you'll be able to stick with a strict diet better and burn calories so that you'll lose weight more effectively [5].

The extra energy from caffeine in this supplement allows you to get more things done during your sessions, thus making it easier to hit your fitness goals.

A few minutes after taking these weight loss pills, I suddenly get an energy boost and a significant lift in my mood that usually lasts the whole day.

My clients share the same sentiments, and they mentioned that it gave them the motivation to hit the gym even after a long day.

5. Nopal

Nopal cactus plants outside

PhenQ's manufacturer claims that this fiber from a cactus plant works as a very good filler in your stomach, resulting in an indirect appetite suppressant [6].

As this fiber passes through your stomach undigested, it won’t count towards your calories for the day, meaning losing weight is easier while you feel fuller throughout the day.

I haven’t been able to find scientific studies that confirm if this particular nopal extract has weight loss benefits, but with its naturally-occurring amino acid content, this dietary fiber certainly helps to aid in your digestion.

The nopal cactus is more commonly known as the prickly pear cactus. It is native to Mexico and famous for its health benefits due to its high antioxidant, vitamin, mineral, and fiber content.

-Megan Ware, Registered Dietitian

My dietician pointed out that it works like glucomannan which is the more popular dietary fiber added to supplements.

Drawing from my experience, I can say that it worked well in regulating my appetite because I feel fuller even with less food. And it definitely helped me shed some extra pounds.

6. L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine with skeletal formula

PhenQ contains L-carnitine fumarate — an essential amino acid, which means you should source it from your diet.

This amino acid is important because it helps transport fatty acids to your muscles, where they are used as a source of energy, helping you get rid of unwanted fats and lose weight [7].

In short, these essential amino acids aid the body in converting food molecules into energy.

And because there are no known side effects associated with L-carnitine, you don’t have to worry about how much your intake is.

The energy boost my clients and I got from using PhenQ certainly helped speed up our progress on each workout session to burn more fat than usual.

How Do PhenQ Fat Burner Pills Work and Are They Effective?

PhenQ weight-loss pills work by suppressing your appetite to lose weight, and they proved to be quite effective. The capsicum extract and L-carnitine in this supplement increase your body’s thermogenesis and boost your metabolism, burning fat faster.

The caffeine in PhenQ weight loss supplement reduces your appetite and prevents hunger cravings, making it easier for you to commit to an eating plan.

Sometimes, dieting can leave you feeling tired and irritable. Luckily, PhenQ specifically added caffeine and L-carnitine to its formula so that you can still enjoy optimal energy levels and an uplifted mood even while you’re on a low-calorie diet.

Of course, enjoying these benefits requires action on your part. Our tests showed that if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, PhenQ's Lacys reset formula will help you lose body fat.

Based on five months of personal trial and my clients’ results, I can say that PhenQ is more effective than other weight loss supplements.

Since I took it, I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my energy levels. My clients already reported improved weight loss efforts within two months of use, which is a pretty impressive progress timeline.

The results from taking this supplement are tangible, especially considering how it also worked for people who aren't too athletic in the first place.


PhenQ weight loss supplements have several benefits. It includes burning fat cells, appetite reduction, improved mental clarity, increased physical performance and muscle mass, and boosted energy levels.

Let’s discuss each of them below.

1. Melt The Flabby Stuff

The combination of pepper extract and caffeine in PhenQ is known to have thermogenic effects and has indeed been proven in many different studies.

However, the real benefits of losing weight only kick in when you use PhenQ in conjunction with an effective exercise routine.

After just two months of taking PhenQ weight loss supplements, my client lost around 11 lbs and 4 inches in the waist, which is way beyond her initial goal. And this is just part of her regular workout routine for shedding excess body weight.

2. Create Barriers To Fat Storage

An overweight person in an isolated background

As your body becomes used to excess amounts of sugar and carbs, those surplus calories are transformed into extra body fat and saved for later.

But if that "later" never comes, then your body will just add more to your stored fat by default, which can lead to weight gain.

And PhenQ weight loss supplement claims to have put together the right ingredients alongside Lacy's reset formula into a great product that helps to burn fat and blocks the process of new fat storage.

Our research confirms that it includes alpha-lipoic acid, making it one of the most powerful weight-loss pills available.

Many users were impressed with how it helped them reach their goal of burning belly fat and love handle removal, even without a strict diet and workout routine.

3. Stop The Hunger Gremlins

man eating cake

The way the makers of PhenQ weight loss supplements have approached this is by adding a dietary supplement like fiber to fill you up and chromium to balance your blood sugar levels.

When your body cells receive a steady stream of glucose, this helps reduce the hunger signals being sent, allowing you to burn extra body fat.

Some of the ingredients in PhenQ weight loss pills seem to be effective appetite suppressants, thus resulting in a balanced sugar level while avoiding unnecessary stored body fat.

4. Experience Increased Mental And Physical Stamina

The included caffeine will give you a mental boost, but you need to be careful if you’re a coffee drinker.

You can quickly end up overstimulated, and in the long term, you can become tolerant of it as well. Our experiments demonstrate that this will cause you to stop losing weight in the long run.

With the improved fat-burning process when using PhenQ weight loss pills, it won’t just help you lose weight. That released energy needs to find a home as well, especially with the added alpha-lipoic acid content.

5. Mental Clarity and Focus

PhenQ weight loss pills contain caffeine, a stimulant known to boost mental clarity and focus, alongside alpha-lipoic acid. Taking this weight loss supplement will keep you on an even keel with all the challenges of losing weight.

6. Increased Energy Levels

The caffeine and L-carnitine in PhenQ weight loss pills improve your energy levels and prevent energy dips often caused by calorie cuts.

We found that this boost allows you to enjoy better workouts, increase your fat-burning, and accelerate your weight loss journey.

PhenQ Pros and Cons

  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Blocks body fat production to stop body weight gain*
  • Improves your mood and energy levels
  • High-quality, all-natural formula
  • A bit pricy compared to other fat burners
  • It can be only purchased through the company website

Our #1 Recommendation

PhenQ CTA supplement product


Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

User Ratings
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Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Using PhenQ?

A woman having an upset stomach

No, there are no notable side effects associated with using PhenQ, unlike most weight-loss supplements. This product contains all-natural ingredients, which reduces the risk of adverse reactions.

However, after spending endless hours reading through hundreds of online reviews, I found that most people who had some kind of adverse reaction either had an allergy to one of the ingredients or took a dose that was too high.

If you take more than the recommended amount, then all the PhenQ side effects you may have are mainly from the caffeine content, which may cause insomnia and jitters.

During the last two months of testing, my clients and I hardly had any side effects, except when I took the pill at around 3 PM during my late lunch. I spent an hour or two awake before I got tired enough to doze off.

If you're suffering from heart problems, high blood pressure, and other systemic conditions, it's best to consult your physician before using PhenQ or any dietary supplement.

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When Should You Take PhenQ?

PhenQ CTA supplement product

You should take PhenQ ideally with your breakfast in the morning to help you take advantage of the excess weight loss benefits throughout the day.

If this is your first time for such a weight loss supplement, then it’s also best to take them with food, just in case you’re sensitive to the Lacys reset formula.

The manufacturers recommend taking two capsules a day, one with your breakfast and another with lunch.

But I know some people who take it along with a pre-workout for the added energy boost.

I’ve tried this before but make sure to skip a cup of coffee, especially if your pre-workout has caffeine in it.

The only thing I would avoid doing is taking the product late in the evening.

Who Can Benefit The Most?

The people who can benefit most from PhenQ diet pills are bodybuilders, performance athletes, and individuals with regular health and fitness goals, like preventing unwanted weight gain.

My dieticians' research confirmed that the PhenQ formulation is not too strong to require different doses for men and women.

The only people who should be cautious or speak to a doctor are those who have underlying health or medical conditions, especially heart-related.

1. People With Regular Health And Fitness Goals

A group of people working out in the gym

If you have limited time to exercise and already improved your diet to net negative calorie intake, then a great diet pill like PhenQ will likely help you achieve your weight loss goals more quickly.

Based on the online dietary supplement reviews I’ve encountered, many of the users are regular people who just want to stay on top of their weight loss journey to improve their figure as well as their self-esteem.

2. Bodybuilders And Performance Athletes

For most performance athletes, weight loss isn’t the first priority, but losing fat will definitely come into play. Using a quality supplement during a cutting phase or in preparation for competitive sports events can help athletes reach peak performance.

Getting the best results out of every training session can definitely speed up your progress, and I have seen some good results with many of my clients' weight loss journey.*

How Do You Get The Best Results?

You can get the best results with just a few simple tips that will help you work towards your weight loss goals with a much clearer and more effective approach.

1. Fix Your Diet

Based on personal experience, seventy percent of your weight loss will come from the food you eat.

If you’re struggling with a healthy diet to lose weight, I recommend investing some money into working with a dietitian. They can help you discover more ways to lose fat.

But the best starting point for most people is to cut out the sugar cravings and highly processed carbs like bread and pasta to shed excess weight.

2. Exercise Every Day

This might sound extreme, but I’m not asking you to hit the gym hard for an hour every day. What I’m suggesting is that even a 20-minute walk over lunch or a 10-minute HIIT workout first thing in the morning is all it takes to kick your metabolism and lose weight.

3. Keep A Detailed Journal

With the help of apps like Noom, you can easily log all the food you eat. And if you have a Fitbit or other activity tracker, then you can link all that data to see at the end of every day whether your energy intake is lower than your energy output.

Jotting down where you’re eating, what else you’re doing while you’re eating, and how you’re feeling while eating can help you understand some of your habits and offer additional insight.

- Katherine D. McManus, Registered Dietitian

You can also watch this video review to learn more about her experience with PhenQ weight loss pills.


Where Should You Buy PhenQ?

You should buy PhenQ directly on the company’s official website.

This is also the only place where you get the 60-day money-back guarantee with free delivery and bulk discount offers — something I love to take advantage of.

You will also receive notifications of new, regularly available offers to save you some extra money for your weight loss journey.

Our #1 Recommendation

PhenQ CTA supplement product


Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

User Ratings
Product Effectiveness

How Much Does PhenQ Cost?

PhenQ pills

One 60-pill bottle of PhenQ costs $69.99. The recommended dosage is two pills a day for an optimal weight-loss process.

You can get the 2+1 bottle package for $139.99 and the 3+2 bottle package for $209.99.

That’s at least 5 months for slightly over $200, which is a pretty good deal to help you lose weight. And for a weight-loss pill with natural ingredients, this price is competitive.

Shipping and Returns

PhenQ ships worldwide, and they also offer free shipping on all orders and all locations.

You get a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the product for any reason, such as failing to lose weight, just contact their customer service team at [email protected] to receive the complete refund instructions.

When I decided to try out the product, I received the package four days after placing my order on the official website. It's pretty reasonable, especially since the shipping fee was waived.

Fat Burner Alternatives

There is an endless choice of products promising to burn fat quickly. Let’s examine how PhenQ stacks up against three well-known alternatives.


PhenGold is a natural fat-burning supplement, but it's uniquely tailored for women's needs. It promises reduced food cravings and a faster metabolism to help achieve health goals effectively.

PhenGold's formula is free from harmful chemicals and includes natural ingredients like green tea, L-tyrosine, and green coffee, with an emphasis on maximum ingredient absorption.

The daily dose of PhenGold is three capsules, taken before breakfast, preferably with a large glass of water. This dosage is designed to maximize the supplement's effectiveness throughout the day.

By taking PhenGold as recommended, clients may experience positive impacts such as increased metabolism, reduced cravings, and enhanced energy levels, which can significantly aid in weight loss and overall health improvement.

The best source for purchasing PhenGold is directly from the manufacturer's website, where discounts on bulk purchases are available, ensuring authenticity.

Instant Knockout Cut

Instant Knockout Cut has earned its spot as one of the most renowned and reliable weight loss supplements. The formula isn’t as stimulant-heavy as other fat burners, but it still contains Caffeine Anhydrous, which may make it an unsuitable choice for those sensitive to caffeine.

However, it boasts an impressive profile of ingredients supporting thermogenesis, like green tea extract and cayenne pepper, and appetite suppression, like Glucomannan, which is common in weight loss supplements and noticeably absent from PhenQ.

Some users in our group testing Instant Knockout reported increased satiety and felt like that was a significant contribution to additional weight loss.*

Instant Knockout is only available through the official website, which we like as it ensures you get a genuine product. The website offers bulk discounts and subscription options.

Instant Knockout is a solid fat burner supplement that even top-level athletes trust.


Phen24 supports healthy weight loss by targeting the body’s metabolic transitions throughout the day. Our review of Phen24 determined that to be effective, you’ll need to take separate pills for daytime and nighttime, dosing that did not appeal to some in our test group.

Phen24 promises to help you use stored fat as fuel for energy when calories are not available from food sources and stimulate your metabolism and fat-burning potential during the day.

Its formula seems to support this claim by including Glucomannan, thiamine HCL, and D-biotin in the night capsule and zinc, manganese, and caffeine in the day capsule.

Phen24 is pricier than other fat burners; however, you’ll get free shipping ordering from the manufacturer’s website. Both PhenQ and Phen24 offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Our experience with Phen24 showed it is a solid option if you don’t mind taking one pill in the morning and two at night. The money-back-guarantee takes the risk out of your purchase.

  • Packed with natural ingredients
  • Accelerates the loss of weight and fat
  • Curbs hunger and diminishes food cravings
  • Increases metabolic rate and heat production
  • Boosts both energy levels and concentration
  • Needs stronger appetite control effects
  • Includes caffeine, may affect caffeine-sensitive people
CTA of Instant Knockout
Instant Knockout Click For Best Price
  • Improves mental performance
  • Activates metabolism to burn fat
  • With thermogenic effects for quicker weight loss
  • Contains glucomannan to reduce the appetite
  • Increases energy levels
  • Need to take 4 weight loss pills every day
  • Only available on the official website
  • Aids weight loss
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Boosts metabolism day and night
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Improves mental focus and alertness
  • Need to remember to take one capsule in the day and two capsules at night
  • Pricier than other fat burners


Does PhenQ Contain Phentermine?

No, PhenQ doesn’t contain phentermine, a prescription drug only available through your doctor. It is quite a common drug, but it also has several side effects that don’t make it suitable for long-term weight maintenance and weight loss process. Phentermine has been known to cause high blood pressure and other cardiovascular concerns.

PhenQ contains purely natural weight loss ingredients that do not require any prescription. The same applies with their Lacys reset formula.

Is PhenQ Safe?

Yes, PhenQ is safe to take because it only contains natural ingredients that are scientifically tested for effective weight loss management and a better fat burning process. The few side effects that have been noted will generally relate to allergies or taking too many diet pills in one day.

Has the FDA Approved PhenQ?

No, the FDA has not approved PhenQ because the agency doesn’t approve natural dietary supplements like PhenQ. However, this product is made in facilities that meet FDA regulations, which means that it’s manufactured to the highest standards and is as good as approved.

Who Should Avoid PhenQ?

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and individuals below 18 should avoid taking PhenQ. If you are under any medication or have any pre-existing medical conditions, you should speak to your doctor before taking this weight loss supplement.

Will PhenQ Work for Men and Women?

Yes, PhenQ will work for both men and women. Its formula isn’t too strong, so the doses for males and females don’t vary.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

PhenQ accepts several payment methods, including Visa, American Express, or MasterCard debit or credit card. You can also use Skrill to pay for your order.

Are There Any Current Discounts or Other Money-Saving Offers?

Yes, PhenQ provides discounts and money-saving offers. If you buy two bottles of PhenQ, you get one bottle for free. If you’re looking to manage your weight long-term, the company recommends buying three PhenQ bottles to get two for free.

For every PhenQ package, you are eligible to download ten free bonus guides featuring meal plans, nutrition and workout guides, diet and detox programs, and more to assist you on your weight loss journey.

Is the PhenQ Formula Vegan-Friendly?

Yes, PhenQ's Lacys Reset Formula is Vegan Friendly. PhenQ uses 100% vegan and vegetarian ingredients, making this product a suitable weight management tool even for people with dietary restrictions.

Is Phentermine Similar To PhenQ?

No, Phentermine isn’t similar to PhenQ. Phentermine is a prescription-only medication used to treat obesity, while PhenQ boosts metabolism processes through natural ingredients.

Our Verdict on PhenQ

From all my research, discussions in fitness forums and Facebook groups, and my personal and client experiences, I can say that PhenQ is a weight loss supplement worth investing in to maximize the results you get from your training efforts.

PhenQ diet pills have natural ingredients with negligible to no side effects and can significantly impact your weight loss efforts. Just follow a strict diet and exercise regularly to get the most out of this product.

Check out the current offers available, and if you don't get the body weight loss results from PhenQ as they claim, you can take advantage of their 60-day money-back guarantee and return your purchase without hassle.

Other users have also found PhenQ effective for fat loss. The images here speak for themselves:

Testimonial Reviews for PhenQ

Our #1 Recommendation


PhenQ isolated in white background

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

User Ratings
Product Effectiveness
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Blocks body fat production to stop weight gain*
  • Improves your mood and energy levels
  • High-quality, all-natural formula
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of July
  • Can be only purchased through the company website

* individual results may vary

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