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Leanbean vs Hourglass (2023) Which Fat Burner is Better?

Tracy Thompson
Published by Tracy Thompson | Senior Coach
Last updated: September 10, 2023
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Weight loss supplements, in general, have a pretty bad reputation. And to an extent, there are good reasons when you see some of the dodgy snake oil being advertised online.

But that doesn’t mean all of these supplements are bad.

There are probably less than 10 fat burning supplements available that we would commonly recommend to clients.

And for two of them, our team usually ends up in a heated discussion.

So, to try and solve the Leanbean vs Hourglass debate once and for all, we pulled in the services of our dietitian friend Susan.

Together, we researched and tested these fat burners.

And here’s what we found.

What Is Leanbean?

Hourglass Appetite Control Product Box and Bottle

After much research, Leanbean was found to be a natural fat burner and hunger suppressant for women that uses herbs and spices. It is one of the most effective weight loss and diet supplements today.

And from our experience, we have seen it work pretty well for clients with a good exercise routine.*

What we always liked about Leanbean is that the company, Ultimate Life, doesn’t sensationalize the product.

And we’ve yet to find some bribed celebrity endorsements. The main advantage for our female clients is that the supplement is formulated for average women. That means no more measuring 1/2 or 3/4 doses.

We’ll get to some detailed information about the active ingredients and the science behind them shortly.

But overall, the feedback from our clients and the online reviews we’ve seen is generally on the positive side.


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Our #1 Recommendation

Hourglass Appetite Control Product Box and Bottle


Overall Score 5.0

What Is Hourglass Fit?

Hourglass thumb

Hourglass Fit is a natural fat burner specifically designed for women. The formula contains a natural ingredient list that aims to reduce the chance of adverse effects.

This fat burning supplement is formulated to not contain too many stimulants by avoiding caffeine altogether.

This may make it a more suitable option to take the capsules several times a day and even later in the day.

A lot of the marketing information points to the safe ingredient list. And one thing we did find is a general lack of comments about negative effects.

Check out our full Hourglass Fit review.

The more pressing question is how well it may function as a female fat burner and weight loss supplement. And that’s where we got our dietitian involved to analyze the ingredients.


Our #1 Recommendation

Hourglass thumb


Overall Score 4.9

What Ingredients Do Both Contain?


Here are the ingredients that both Leanbean and Hourglass contain.

1 - Konjac Fibre/Glucomannan

Both products contain glucomannan, even if they highlight it under slightly different names. This fiber has been proven in studies to be quite an effective appetite suppressant [1]. One thing we did note is how many women comment that the capsules seem to help bridge the gaps between meals.

2 - Chromium Picolinate

The simple non-nerdy way to tell you what chromium does is to say that studies have linked it to more stable blood sugar levels [2]. Apparently, it’s commonly used to help diabetics.

A fat burner we recommend checking out: Performance Lab fat burner

What Unique Ingredients Do They Have?

unique ingredients

Again, each company has chosen only natural ingredients. The question is how they stack up to scientific analysis. Let’s get into those details in this Leanbean vs Hourglass fat burner comparison.

First, let’s take a look at what Leanbean contains.

Unique Leanbean Ingredients


1 - Choline

Some studies have been able to link choline to fat metabolism as well as helping lower cholesterol levels [3].

Scientists believe it may actually support the transportation of fatty acids broken down from stored body fat.

Read More: The Best Choline Supplements (Review & Rated)

2 - Chloride

This is an electrolyte that you sometimes see alongside potassium on energy drinks. However, the company claims it’s been included as studies suggest it could provide support for digestive functions [4].*

3 - Zinc

This is a mineral that you could end up lacking if you’re on a rigid exercise and fat burning diet. It has been linked to supporting your metabolism to deal with carbs.

This should mean more stable blood sugar and fewer surplus carbs stored as fat.

4 - Green Coffee

Green coffee seems to be a bit of a forgotten secret. But I have noticed it more often on supplement labels in the last couple of years.

While it doesn’t contain much caffeine to trigger thermogenesis, green coffee may help with detox and the removal of free radicals.

5 - Garcinia Cambogia

Even a small amount of this Asian fruit in each serving has been linked to being able to battle hunger and food cravings, preventing the weight gain. From the customer reviews we’ve seen, this does seem to be a clever ingredient to be included.

Garcinia cambogia contains an ingredient called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has been used to aid weight loss.
- Debra Rose Wilson, Holistic healthcare practitioner

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raw turmeric that's turn to powder

6 - Turmeric

This is the main thermogenic ingredient in Leanbean.

What does that mean? Basically, it slightly raises your body temperature by burning more calories through a fat burning process.

7 - Acai Berry

This isn’t necessarily a great fat burner ingredient, as science hasn’t proven it yet. But what it could be helpful for is increasing antioxidants that help to better deal with toxins.

Unique Hourglass Ingredients

1 - Vitamin D3

Along with the vitamins listed above, the makers of this product decided it was important to add some D3 into the formula. Based on our research, we did find an extensive study that may have linked D3 deficiency to obesity [5].

2 - Capsimax

This is quite common in diet supplements, and the extract from cayenne pepper has been proven to trigger thermogenesis [6]. It could also get you to feel full for longer to deal with fasting periods.*

green tea

3 - Green Tea Extract

The company has also decided to include green tea extract, and it seems to be one of the top ingredients recommended by dietitians.

Not only could it support detox, but it may also be good for fat oxidation.

4 - Guarana

This is a relatively mild stimulant that is possibly better known for its use in popular energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster. When you take it in smaller doses, then it shouldn’t cause jitters but still boost your metabolism.

Guarana also contains molecules called tannins, which some say causes the caffeine in guarana to release slowly, producing a long-lasting energy plateau.
- Luke Yoquinto, Nutrition Writer at

Leanbean Pros And Cons

Hourglass Appetite Control Product Box and Bottle

First of all, the main benefit is that it has been formulated as a female fat burner. That means no more calculating and messing around with partial doses, unlike its generic counterparts.

Most importantly, though, we have experienced effective fat loss with clients in a general weight management phase as well as cutting phases.*

And this weight loss supplement does this without containing stimulants. It means you need not worry about the time you take this supplement.

Oh, and we have to mention that with the bulk order pack, you get a 90-day money back guarantee. That should be enough time to review how well it works for you.

  • Carefully chosen ingredients claim to be scientifically proven
  • Contains no stimulants to cause jitters
  • Seems to have important appetite suppressing abilities
  • Up to 90-day money back guarantee
  • You need to take two pills three times daily

Hourglass Pros And Cons

Hourglass thumb

Based on our analysis of the Hourglass ingredients, we did come to the conclusion that it seems to have good fat burning abilities.

But online review comments seemed to focus more on the reduced appetite.

If you’re not overly sensitive to stimulants, then the mental focus you may get seems to be a plus with these capsules.

Other recommended female fat burners: Powher fat burner

  • Contains added vitamin D3 for overall health improvements
  • Contains some stimulants for added mental energy
  • Reports of good appetite suppressing ingredients
  • There doesn’t seem to be a money back guarantee on the website

How And When Should You Take Them?

alarm clock and plate

Based on the instructions on the bottle and our own experiences, we have come up with some suggestions for our clients and readers. We’ve summarized them below in this Leanbean vs Hourglass review.

What’s The Best Time?

For most people, there are going to be no negative effects, but some might find it a bit difficult on the stomach first thing in the morning.

For the first few days, you’re best off taking the capsules about 20 to 30 minutes before your meals. This should give the ingredients time to be absorbed, and your meals will settle any possible discomfort.

However, if you don’t have any problems taking the capsules on an empty stomach, then you might be able to achieve some better results by taking them before and during a fasting period.

What About Evening Time?

This is where you may need to be careful. Because Leanbean contains no stimulants, women could take it later in the day as well.

However, Hourglass may have stimulating effects, which could be great during the day, but not so great at nighttime if you end up staring at the ceiling.

Do They Have Any Side Effects?

Leanbean and Hourglass have very few side effects. In most cases, we noticed some people experienced an allergic reaction to some ingredients.

It’s always important to check the label for any known allergens you might react to.

The only thing I’d repeat here is that the Hourglass fat loss pills also have stimulants. If you get a bit jittery after a cup of coffee, then you may want to take it easy at first and reduce the daily dose.

A safe fat burner worth trying out: PhenQ fat burner

How Do They Compare On Price?


Leanbean and Hourglass differ in price significantly, at least according to the price listed on their official websites.

The Hourglass and Leanbean websites both offer bulk orders with freebies. Whether you opt to get a single bottle or a package, Hourglass is certainly a lot cheaper than Leanbean, the latter being more priced at a premium.

While there seems to be a big price difference, the formula of each product is very different, and Leanbean does seem to contain higher doses of scientifically verified ingredients.

How Does Leanbean Work?

How Does Leanbean Work?

Leanbean works as a supplement designed especially for women. It includes ingredients such as Glucomannan in clinically proven doses (3g per day) to help you lose weight. This unique combination of fiber, vitamins, and botanical extracts satiates your body and reduces tiredness.

Is Hourglass Safe?

Yes, Hourglass is safe if you don't exceed recommended dose. This female fat burner doesn't contain steroids or artificial ingredients, but it does contain stimulants like caffeine, so you should watch the dose.

Leanbean vs Hourglass: Which is the Better Choice?

In the whole Leanbean vs Hourglass debate here at the office, Leanbean fat burner ultimately came out as the winner.

Based on the feedback from our clients and team members, it seems to be the best fat burner available.

Our dietitian was able to confirm the scientific reasons for the individual ingredient choices as well.

Place your order today, and once you’ve gone through a couple of weeks of using female fat burners, let us know on social media how it worked out for you.

Other users have also found it effective for fat loss.* The images here speak for themselves:



Hourglass Appetite Control Product Box and Bottle
Overall Score 5.0
  • Carefully chosen ingredients claim to be scientifically proven
  • Contains no stimulants to cause jitters
  • Seems to have important appetite suppressing abilities
  • Up to 90-day money back guarantee
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of September
  • Dosage is six capsules per day

* individual results may vary

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